Ferrer Alimentacion Team

We work to offer you outstanding solutions in the food creation process, a complete range of products and a specialized distribution capability

About us

Since our beginning in 1955 we have focused our activities on going far beyond the distribution of ingredients, far beyond providing service or integral solutions. Our wide experience within the sector allows us to offer a highly specialized service.

We are the bridge between producers and customers. From the very beginning we get involved in the projects we take part in, from both technical and human points of view.

We add value by advising, guiding and suggesting new ideas, always taking account of the market trends.

We have our own logistics center, which offers a privileged strategic location and a wide range of services.

In addition, having the support of Ferrer, a pharmaceutical company of which we are a part, provides us with a solid foundation on which to progress.

Our Team

2020 marks the beginning of a new phase with Emma Gomez as our General Manager. Her vision for the future, her tenacity and her improvement capability guarantee Ferrer Alimentacion’s full involvement to provide an outstanding service.

Our team is composed of more than 30 professionals, who offer you our talent, commitment, dedication and human quality to give you a personalized service. We want to grow with you year after year, because for us each project is unique and unrepeatable.

A continuous training and a constant adaptation allow us to be up to date and to anticipate the expectations of a more expert and demanding sector.

After almost 50 years of activity, customers from all sectors and outstanding companies within the food industry keep on trusting our professionalism, since we all share our values, our vision for the future and our passion for the food community.

Integrity, empathy, adaptability and determination are in our DNA.

Our motivations


A job well done. The co-operation of a united team.


Transparency in our business relationships and working closely with our professional partners. The satisfaction of both our customers and suppliers.


Being part of a food community, which gives us the possibility to meet the demands of consumers, who are much more informed and socially aware about health, nutrition and social and environmental responsibility.


Regaining the society’s trust in a sector, which is strongly involved in making things with quality and safety.


Helping renew habits and improve lifestyles, by promoting healthy and balanced food diets. The possibility to take part in creating a new product, or increasing the efficiency of an existing one, and being able to see the successful results in the reaction of the final consumer.


Promoting a sustainable development of the companies to protect our planet.

We are fully convinced that those tiny steps in our daily life are huge steps and the key for a better future.

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible"

Saint Francis of Assis

Our future

New incorporations, the team reorganization, our logistics center optimization and an international expansion are firm steps in our determination to take Ferrer Alimentacion to excellence.

With healthy ingredients, preserving natural ecosystems and environmental quality,

we face the challenges of the near future:

Importance of the food quality and safety

Unbalanced eating habits, increasing rates of allergies and autoimmune diseases, diabetes, digestive disorders, cardiovascular diseases

The food of the future depends on a responsible consumption and who knows if… through vegetable, flexitarian or nutrigenomics diets.

Environmental food, which helps us protect biodiversity and preserve nature

Awareness about the importance of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Population aging

Technological changes

Quality Certifications

Our Certifications for food quality and safety guarantee:

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate
  • ISO 14001:2015 environmental certificate (offices)
  • IFS Broker food safety certificate (in process)
  • CCPAE ecological certificate
  • SAE export certificate
  • SANDACH / SILUM registration of animal feed

Company Policy

Principles and values, which guide and inspire our business philosophy

More information

Together towards a healthier, more sustainable diet